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Models in Bodysuits

Buttock Enhancement

Need an extra pump in your bum? We have the recipe that's going to leave you feeling like the baddie you are!

Get The Booty You've Always Wanted!

Who doesn't want to feel booty-licious without going under the knife?

Get a plump booty in less than an hour.

Completely noninvasive = NO needles!

Affordable, so you're saving $$$

What to Expect  

Don't be nervous, we got you!


A consultation for this service is required because everyone has a different body and we want to ensure that this specific service will benefit you.

Before the cups

Once we get through the consultation and you are changed into the disposables we begin the service. Before the cups are placed on your butt, we use a combination of cavitation and/or wood therapy on the back go your thighs to break up some fat that we can reallocate to your butt with our body vacuum.

The fun stuff

After we finish breaking down and reallocating the fat from your thighs, we place the butt cups on. Initially it feels a little uncomfortable but once you get past the first few seconds and relax everything is smooth sailing from there.

Things you should know

We want the best for you, so here are a few things that you should keep in mind


Some individuals bruise easily, if you are that person let your technician know so that the pressure is adjusted. 

This is NOT surgery

Please understand that we are not surgeons so your butt will not have a dramatic change within the first session. Multiple sessions along with glutei focused exercise is important for long lasting results.


Wearing a butt garment is essential for keeping the shape of your butt in tact after your session, your specialist can give you recommendations during your consultation.

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