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Noninvasive Body Contouring

Understanding the Types

When most people hear the term "body sculpting" cavitation is what typically comes to mind. There are other services and options that are included under the body sculpting umbrella and we are here to help you understand how to prepare for our top three services.


is basically melting the stubborn unwanted fat calls in the treated area(s) that are going to be secreted naturally when you use the bathroom or sweat.

Price: $120 per treated area

RF Skin Tightening

is for loose saggy excessive skin- this service is good for moms who have loose skin from being pregnant and individuals who lost a lot of weight.

Price: $85 per treated area

Detox Sauna Blanket

want to lose some calories while relaxing? This service is for you. The detox sauna blanket is 85 degrees and you lay in it for 45 minutes and sweat.

Price: $85 

FREE with package 


Getting your noninvasive body contouring done by a certified specialist at Flawsome Bodies is life changing.

All of our clients say that the level of professionalism, care, knowledge and results are what they love the most about their experience. Below are our 5 top benefits:

Instant Results

Who doesn't instant gratification? We guarantee INSTANT results no matter the service, whether it is an inch or two lost after cavitation or you feeling the tightness in your skin's elasticity after skin tightening. You will see some type of results after east session, but that does not mean your long lasting results does not require multiple sessions.

No Surgery

All of our service are 100% noninvasive which means, NO NEEDLES, NO PAIN and NO DOWNTIME!

Cost less than surgery

It is no secret that going under the knife is EXPENSIVE! Noninvasive body contouring will not break the bank and with consistency you can get long lasting results.

Perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle

While noninvasive body contouring is not a replacement of the gym, it is the perfect addition to your fitness journey. Working out and eating healthy is the key to achieving and maintaining long lasting results but noninvasive contouring melts fat, tightens skin and you can lose those extra calories.

No complications

Besides costing a lot of money, the thought of complications associated with surgery is enough to drive someone crazy. With noninvasive contouring, there is no surgery involved which means there will be no complications.


Our top 3 do's & dont's for your appointment


Drink plenty of water

An hour or two before your appointment please make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water. It is extremely important that you are hydrated prior to your appointment so that the your body can break down the liquified fat for cavitation, your skin is hydrated for skin tightening and you do not get dehydrated from sweating in the detox sauna blanket.

Bring a sweat band or waist trimmer

Wearing a compression after your services helps keep everything tight and together. The sweat band and waist trimmer helps your sweat which is one way the liquified fat cells are secreted.

Inform your Contouring Specialist if there are metals or plastic screws in your body.

If you have ever had any surgery where you had to get any screws put inside of your body it is important that we know this prior to your appointment because you may not be able to receive certain services in certain areas such as skin tightening or cavitation


Eat 2 hour before appointment

Although the services provided at Flawsome Bodies are all noninvasive, your body is still working to break down the fat cells. Please avoid eating before your appointment so that we do not overwork your body with breaking down food and liquified fat.

Drink alcohol before the Detox Sauna Blanket

The detox sauna blanket is extremely hot and you will be sweating, drinking alcohol prior to your appointment could leave you dehydrated and/or sick. You will be turned away of we believe you are intoxicated.

Come to your appointment on your cycle

Ultrasonic cavitation uses ultrasound waves to create a vibration to pop and liquify your fat cells. Because of the vibration, things get moved around inside of you, we do not want to move the blood from your cycle anywhere in your body it does not need to be.


What to expect before, during & after your service


You will be provided with a disposable bra and thong for you to change into so that your clothes do not get ultrasound gel or oil on them, also certain clothing makes squeeze your skin and we want you to be as relaxed as possible.

Once you are changed into the disposable undergarments, your sculpting specialist will come in and take a look at your body to map visually see what should be worked on and communicate to you what we recommend to start with and focus on. 

Once the visual examination is finished, we will take before pictures and measurements so that we can keep track of your progress.


Cleansing: before any service we cleanse your skin from lotion or oils with alcohol

Protection: to protect your skin, we use oil or ultrasound gel depending on the service you are receiving.

Service: once your skin is cleaned and prepped, your session will start. 

Rejuvenation: after your service is finished, we apply essential oil to your skin to moisturize and sooth you. 

Your arrival

When you arrive, text us at (443) 682-0100 and let us know that you are outside. Once we receive your message, we will come out to greet you. 

Your contouring specialist will ask you if you are hydrated, and provide you with water if you say no. It is important for you to be hydrated during your session.

If it is your first appointment, you will be required to complete and intake form so that we have important information and consent for all services.

The Million Dollar Question

Does it hurt?

All services are noninvasive and pain free. Some individuals may experience discomfort from the pressure applied but if you notify your specialist the pressure will be adjusted.

After care

Recommendations for maximum results

Stay hydrated- The following 3 days after your appointment are important. During this time period, your body will be getting rid of the liquified fat which means you have to drink plenty of eater.

Avoid hot showers after skin tightening on the treated area

Do not drink alcohol- alcohol has a negative impact on your liver and the goal is to break down the liquified fat, not liquor.

Exercise for 30 minutes each day- it is important to be active during this process

Eat healthy

Wear compression garment

Consistency is KEY- keep up with your weekly appointments 

3 Possible After-Effects Of Non-Invasive Contouring
 (& How the Experts Suggest You Treat Them)


Everyone's body is different, some individuals may be more sensitive than the next and redness could occur, after an hour or so it should be gone. 

Minor Bruises 

Some of our services require a little pressure to be applied and some individuals bruise easily. If you are uncomfortable during your session and too much pressure is being applied, notify your specialist. If you experience bruising, ice it and it will going away in a day or two.

Tenderness in treated area

Going across the same area may cause a little tenderness, it will go away within a day or two, if it too uncomfortable put a hot compress on it.

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