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A deposit of $50 must be paid online in order to secure your appointment. Deposit will go towards your final balance. 

Late/Tardy Policy:

Things happen, we know. For this reason we have a 10 minute grace period for both clients and staff. If a client is 10 minutes late we will complete the appointment but it may be cut short if we have a client directly after you. After 10 minutes you will be charged a late fee of $25 added to your final balance. If you are over 15 minutes late we will reschedule your appointment. If we are running behind 10 minutes you will receive 5% off of your service. Appointments are in high demand and your timely cancellation will allow you, and other clients, access to timely services. Please be aware of our cancellation policies regarding No-Shows, Late-Shows and Same Day Cancellations. noninvasive Lipo


Pre-Authorized Card and Fees:

All clients are required to have a card on file to book appointments. The card(s) you provide will allow us charge you in-case any of our policies are violated. Please call/ text to notify the technician promptly if you need to cancel, reschedule, or make adjustments to your appointment(s). In the case that your appointment(s) is/are cancelled or adjusted due to the violation of our policies, 100% of your scheduled service(s) will be applied to the card you provided on file. This is applicable to those who book through our booking site and not through the website.

Rescheduling Your Appointment:

Appointments must be rescheduled at least 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged 50% of scheduled appointment. Deposit is transferable for ONE rescheduled appointment IF you reschedule 24-hours in advance.



Packages are created for 1 month. All packages MUST be used within 30 days of purchase. If you miss an appointment that counts as a lost appointment and if you would like to make it up you have to purchase a single session. If you cancel your FIRST appointment outside of the 24-hour window or do a no-show you will be charged the single price of your package. If you cancel or no-show any other appointment in your package then you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for the inconvenience.

Canceling Your Appointment: 

To avoid cancellation fees, we require that you provide us notice of your cancellation, reschedule or appointment adjustments, a minimum of 24-hours in advance from your scheduled appointment time. Your appointment can only be cancelled over the phone/text. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 24hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 50%.



A “No-Show” is a client who does not show up to their scheduled appointment without canceling a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Failure to be present at your scheduled appointment time without notice, will be recorded in each client’s chart as a “No-Show”and you will be blocked from booking services in the future in addition to being charged 100% for your appointment.


Same Day or Late Cancellations:

A “Same Day or Late Cancellation” applies to appointments cancelled within 24- hours of your confirmed and scheduled appointment time. This applies to cancellations due to being late to your appointment, services being removed or changed from your originally scheduled appointment, or the cancellation of one or more services from your scheduled appointment due to pre and post care negligence. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 4hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved services.


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