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Bamboo Stick Massage

Wood Therapy

Can't get cavitation? No worries we have you covered with wood therapy. 

What is wood therapy?

Wood therapy is a holistic massage used in body contouring that breaks down excessive fat without harming the skin or tissue. Each tool was made specifically for different areas of the body.

What does wood therapy do?

Wood therapy breaks down stubborn fat, snatches the waist and it is also good for loosening up those tight muscles.

Where can I get wood therapy?

You can get this service on your stomach, waist, back of the thighs, buttock and back. If there is an area on the body that you are interested in but is not listed please contact us.

Ways We Incorporate Wood Therapy

Even though wood therapy is an individualized service, we incorporate in with our other services to provide maximized results.


Cavitation is performed to break down stubborn fat but sometimes we cannot use the probe over certain areas, so we use our wood tools to go over any areas that were missed during the session.

Butt Enhancement

Before we put the cups on the buttocks we use wood tools to break down the fat in the back of the thighs so that we can reallocate the fat to the butt.

Detox Sauna Blanket

Depending on the area that the client would like to target, we use wood tools to break down stubborn fat before we wrap our client and out them in the bag.  

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